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30 Simple and Quick Tiffin Box Ideas for Busy Moms

"Oh, God! What to pack for lunch today?" Is this the first thought every morning?

Do you also fret over meal planning and always search for breakfast ideas?

Are you a working mother and do not find time to plan meals and this leads to chaos?

This post is for you, and you might just find the answer to Mother of all the morning chaos-

"What's in the Lunch box today?"

When we talk of meals and diet, meal planning is crucial to avoid delays and last-minute hassles. And on top of it, if you are a working mother like me, it gets even more time-consuming to plan 3- meals a day without proper planning or help. Working moms often find themselves in a tight spot where they have to manage both the professional and domestic front. A little help or advance planning can ease their struggle for them.

The morning being the busiest hour of the day, working women find themselves dealing with multiple challenges. The breakfast ideas, Grocery, getting the kids ready for school and if the maid goes on leave then it is a recipe for a disaster.

But if they have a pre-planned meal list, they can easily manage the meal part by ordering groceries in advance, stocking up on exotic vegetables or prepping for the dish the night before.

The purpose behind creating this #lunchboxseriesbyKapilogy was to help working mothers overcome this challenge of planning everyday meals. I understand it gets frustrating to get up every morning and think of breakfast and lunch ideas. Even children get irritated eating the same dish every day.

So here is a curated list of 30-day Tiffin box meal plans for you so that you do not have to bother about the daily hustle of finding breakfast/lunch ideas and experimenting with the recipe.

All the recipes here have been made using very basic ingredients that we all have in our kitchen and essential grocery items. The recipes are simple yet tasty, and most importantly they are super quick to make for working mothers as they take minimal time.

Here is the 30-day tiffin box series list here and you can click on the link to check out the recipe


You can check out by clicking on the links and you will find detailed information about the recipe, ingredients used and time taken to make it there in the link. You can save the post and check it out later, too.

Kapilogy wishes to uncomplicate the lives of working mommies and offer easy solutions to daily challenges. Meal planning is tiresome and can really take a toll if you are a working mother and don't have a weekly menu in place. I hope this blog post serves the purpose and you do come back to check out other blogs on this page.

Have a great day!


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