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How to Encourage Good Reading Habits in Kids

Reading is one of the most fundamental skills any parent would want their child to inculcate. Not only do good reading skills benefit students academically, but they are also a skill required for lifelong success. Reading develops vocabulary, increases attention span, and promotes stronger analytical thinking. Read on to find out How to encourage Good Reading habits in Kids.

Good Reading Habits in Kids

Getting Your Child Interested in Reading

Leading through examples is the basic way to inculcate reading habits in kids. Reading with them from a young age encourages the child and he/she develops a liking towards books

But do keep in mind. Each child is different and may not like reading books even after encouraging them. If this is the case with your child, don’t fret.

As parents, try different strategies to motivate your child to read. If you suspect your child has started disliking reading try to find out why.

Why a child does not like Reading?

Some common reasons children don’t like to read include:

  • The child feels it is like a daily task.

  • The child is facing difficulty in reading

  • The child thinks reading is boring

  • Your child hasn’t found the right book yet

Now that we have reasons for the problem getting to a resolution wouldn’t be difficult. You can address the specific issue for your child and begin to make reading more enjoyable.

By learning to make reading fun, your child is more likely to develop a love of reading, encouraging better reading habits and making learning easier.

10 Simple Ways to Encourage Reading Habits

Try these 10 easy tips to encourage good reading habits in your child by making reading fun.

  1. Create a space for reading

  2. Encourage reading everywhere at home or even when you are travelling

  3. Be an example. Read in front of them. Leave those gadgets.

  4. Make connections between life and reading

  5. Keep reading the material in the house

  6. Visit a local library

  7. Talk about what your child is reading. Ask about the story.

  8. Expose the child to different genres

  9. Support your child. Read to her if she cannot read on her own yet.

  10. Read every night. Make it a fun routine.


Use these tips to get your child interested in reading so he or she can become an even better learner. With a little focus and direction, you can help give your child the reading boost he or she needs.

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