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Which one is best for Mompreneur- Microsoft365 or Google Workspace

As a mompreneur, are you confused about which products to use for creating content for your brand, communicating with your team, or creating your sales or business? I was asked recently asked whether Google Workspace( previously known as GSuite is better or Microsoft365( previously known as Office365). So I did my research and decided to share with you, a comparison of the 2 technologies. This will help you decide which product bundle or suite is better for you as a mompreneur.

What are Google Workspace and Microsoft365

Technically speaking, both Google Workspace and Microsoft365 are bundles of products used for communication for any organization.

Both contain tools for business email and productivity which help in better communication and collaboration with the team.

While for hosting your blogs/products you can use a website but when it comes to presentations, setting meetings, video conferencing you would need something like Google Workspace or Microsoft365 for seamless communication with your team, client and vendors.

Let's discuss both the tools in detail and evaluate their pros & cons.

Microsoft365 – Legacy of Office-related software from Microsoft

Microsoft365 is a bundle of tools that provide a one-stop solution to business users. The bundle consists of Microsoft outlook for emails, excel – for tabular data analysis and representations, PowerPoint for business presentations, Teams for communication and meetings, One drive for storage and MS word which is a very powerful word process tool.

With SharePoint, Microsoft365 makes real-time collaboration possible. Just by sharing the file on SharePoint, the team can have access to the document in real-time and make changes without being present at the same time. Another cutting edge is that collaborators can keep track of the changes made with the version history.

Another feature that keeps Microsoft365 competitive is the decluttering feature. It analyses the mailbox consistently and categorizes your emails into focused, others. Low priority mails are listed in the 'Clutter ' folder.

With Microsoft365 you get the option of sharing/uploading your documents on SharePoint.

Google Workspace – Productivity bundle from google

Known as Google apps bundle previously, Google Workspace includes Gmail, Google drive, google docs, sheets, hang out, meet and other such Google apps.

In a free version, you get 15 GB of free cloud storage space across all google products which include Gmail, google drive, photos etc.

When a user upgrades to a business plan, she gets entitled to unlimited storage. In the basic business plan of 4-5 users, each user can get up to 1TB of storage.

The basic version of Google Workspace comes under a basic plan with 30 GB cloud storage at Just Rs. 125 per user per month.

Google Workspace has migration tools to move your data from one storage to another easily.

Google Workspace is a cloud-based technology. Hence, your documents, sheets and presentations(slides) are always available to you as long as you have an internet connection.

Which is the best for you as a mompreneur- the decision Google Workspace Vs Microsoft365

There is no dearth of features in both the service providers- be it Google Workspace or Microsoft365 and most of them are similar. Why you should choose either of them depends completely on your requirements.

  • If you are more mobile-friendly, Google Workspace is preferable because of its easy accessibility. Microsoft365 is more compatible with desktop operations.

  • If you are looking to operate with multiple teams, Microsoft365 is more compatible because of its features due to its legacy robust software being in the market for so many years.

  • Pricing wise, Google Workspace is a little less expensive as compared to Microsoft365. Please compare their prices below and make your choices based on the products you would need in business daily.

  • Another deciding factor could be your habit or ease of operation. India is a country where comfort comes first, and people are tempted to use the tried and tested service providers. Microsoft365 holds an edge there. However, Google Workspace offers offline automation which is quite a threat to the legacy of Microsoft365.

But then who said you cannot use both? Why not create a bundle that has the best features of both?

Let's connect and I can help you find out which product is best suited for your business as per your needs and requirements.

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