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Top 10 hospital bag essentials for new mom-to-be

They say you are never actually prepared for motherhood and Certainly so because motherhood does not come with a manual. The moment the BIG NEWS is out of the bag, close relatives and friends come down with a list of 'Whats' and 'What Nots'. Everyone is preparing for the baby's arrival, including you. Once the baby arrives, the list only increases.

Having a baby is no less than creating a miracle and while it is the most surreal feeling in the world, it does come with its own set of challenges. You are experiencing a different kind of enthusiasm, fatigue and excitement and your body is undergoing several changes. You are dealing with postpartum and there are things no one told you about. Your body is vulnerable and needs rest right now but you have a tiny human being to look after.

After the delivery the first few weeks are exhausting and you are occupied with the needs of the tiny human. But taking out time for yourself is as important as caring for the baby.

I have curated a list of things you would need to take better care of your body and mental health during this phase of recovery. Make sure you do not forget these and make a list in advance so your husband or close friend can source these for you right after you give birth.

Nipple Creams

This is one of the most underrated products and trusts me, you need this the most. Breastfeeding often causes sore nipples when the baby is trying to learn to latch and hence nipple Cream becomes your saviour. It helps relax sore and bruised nipples and makes breastfeeding a happy experience.

Heating/cooling pads

Whether you have had C-section or normal delivery, body ache is common in the postpartum phase. The body has gone through a strenuous procedure to bring a new life into this world and it needs care. The stitches in C-section or the anaesthesia might hurt and the heating pad/cooling pad will come to your rescue.

Nursing bras/tops

Yes, it is essential!!! I used to think my regular gown or night suit would suffice but after my second child was born I was hooked to nursing bras. They are comfortable, easy to detach and a lot more convenient during breastfeeding. In fact, nursing tops are great if you have to go out for some time and your child is breastfeeding.

Water bottle

During the postpartum phase, your body is recovering and you are already taking medicines to help heal the body. It is extremely important to remain hydrated at all times so always keep your water bottle nearby.

Breast pump

One of the products I regret not using after having my babies is because nobody emphasised its importance. Breast Pumps back then were expensive and considered to be a luxury but these days it is an absolute necessity. After the delivery, you also need time to recuperate and the breast pump helps you pump and store milk so you can entrust your partner/caregivers/nanny to feed the baby. If you are a working mother it is even more important. It helps you store breastmilk while you are away at work. Your baby is not devoid of breastmilk and you can work without worrying about having to breastfeed. Also if you are going out on a date night or friends get together, you can store breastmilk to avoid any problems later.

Tea/aroma oils

Not just physically, but childbirth is taxing mentally and emotionally too. Keep a stock of your favourite flavours of tea if you are a tea addict or coffee beans. A hot cup can relax you like none other.

Sanitary supplies

Usually, after childbirth, it takes a couple of months before you start menstruating but you cannot use tampons or menstrual cups for some time after the delivery. Do not depend on the supplies provided by the hospitals as they may be unhygienic. Ensure You have disposable panties, maternity pads, and rash creams with you. Maternity pads are more absorbent than regular pads and are easily available at any medical shop.

You should have your sanitary supplies stocked up. Especially after normal delivery, women bleed for a few days. Sanitary supplies are also important in case of sudden discharge or bleeding.

Stool softener

Childbirth takes a toll on the digestive tract and often leads to constipation. Even a little pressure in the rectum can cause pain in the stitches. A stool softener is highly recommended for new mothers so motion passes without any pain and gives relief from stomach-related issues.

Swaddle blankets

Taking care of a newborn is like stepping into unknown territory. You do not know what will work and what not. But swaddle blankets are very helpful for new mothers. Helps keep your baby warm and they sleep a little extra. Swaddling a baby is said to give the baby a feeling of being inside a mother's womb and they feel secure. Also, take a quick nap while the baby is asleep to make up for sleepless nights.

Bath salts

Nothing like a good 30-minutes of spa session at home for a new mother. Bath salts like Epsom help relax muscles and the body. Using bath salts for daily bath or spa sessions gives immeasurable joy and you feel rejuvenated.

Being a mother is a blessing and to enjoy this blessing a new mother should be pampered and taken care of. Give her enough love and care during the postpartum phase so she recovers well and is ready to embrace newfound motherhood.


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